Public Commitment 2022 – Recap

I’ve discussed my goals with my coach (Chris) each month. But I failed to update the website here.

I will do a short recap to still have something in writing. Expect more recaps every quarter in 2023.

The theme of last year was ‘living fully’, and I can say that I’ve lived up to that. I went on many vacations, from Vietnam to Bulgaria and Norway. I’ve enjoyed the work that I’m doing and generally am very content.

Here is a short recap on the goals/mood for each ‘project’ of my life.


No major updates. Looked at redoing the kitchen, but there isn’t enough space to do it properly (add things). Did look at moving houses, and if it works will do so in 2023.


Had no specific goals, but did manage to bring in revenue for Blossom, though I also spent a lot on a full-time employee.


Made more time to do fun things together (remember: Covid restrictions only ended somewhere in January).


No specific goals, but I enjoyed a lot of time together with friends.

I spent nearly no time on this site, which I hope to counter very much this year.


I didn’t get to $3k revenue per month from recurring revenue. I did do consultancy work and helped organise ICPR. I’ve learned a great deal and will keep applying this in 2023.

Flo Coaching

I’ve made a website that features Lotte and me, but I’ve not actively worked on client acquisition. This is something that will change in 2023 unless other significant opportunities present themselves.


I trained for and had a lot of fun doing a 42km obstacle run. The run went great, and it was fantastic training for it. The day itself was hot, but luckily it was the water edition. I did the run with my brother Tom, a friend Maikel and a few of his friends.

After completing the run, I focussed on weightlifting (powerlifting) and finished the year with a 140kg squat, a 100kg bench press, and a 200kg deadlift.


Healthwise, I have nothing to complain but did do something radical in December of 2022. I donated my kidney to a stranger. I will write more on this in January 2023. Overall, super happy with the decision and nearly fully recovered within a week.


I started exploring mindfulness by reading a few books and doing a mini-course. I’ve also picked back up the daily 10-minute meditation from Sam Harris (Waking Up).