Floris writes about psychedelics, deep life, and building bootstrapped startups.

Entrepreneur, psychonaut, effective altruist, weightlifter

Currently founder at Blossom and FLO Coaching


Selected essays, notes, ideas, I've last edited.


I'm building within the psychedelic ecosystem to expand access to novel treatments for mental health issues. Here I also cover other interests, such as weightlifting and fiction writing. I hope to live a long life filled with joy whilst positively impacting the world.


The main projects that I'm currently working on.

FLO Coaching: Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching

FLO coaching helps people experience a guided truffle session with coaching surrounding it.

Blossom: Psychedelic Information Ecosystem

Blossom makes information about the potential of psychedelics available to all stakeholders to help speed up the psychedelic transition from trials to practice.

Queal: Complete Meals

Queal is simple and smart nutrition. Complete meals in a shake, bar, or oatmeal+.