Building a Strong and Durable Body

On this page I document my fitness. This page works both as a place to document what I've been doing (retrospectively), and provides a north star (goal) for my fitness.

The overarching goals for my fitness are as follows:

  • Feel content/happy because I:
    • Feel energized because I am fit
    • Like the way I look
    • Like the challenges the sports activities present (during sports)
    • Like feeling happy about having done something challenging (after)
  • Extend my lifespan by being fit

At the moment of writing, most of my fitness will focus on at-home workouts and flexibility work. I estimate that this will take up to 12 hours per week. Next to this, I do keep active by walking quite a bit with Max (45-60min per day).

Documenting My Fitness.

Building a Strong and Durable Body

This interactive webpage allows me to enter my workouts and keep track of when I've done them. To keep things simple, there are only but a few categories. Below you can see the ongoing results (only I can see the place to enter the data).

Fitness Plan.

Why and What

I like looking good, I like being able to do fitness (using the word very generally here), I like being able to do outdoor activities. But I'm no Superman, it's tough to learn new things, it's even tougher to learn on your own. So, I need a plan. A plan that I can follow, adjust, upgrade, and get feedback on. Here is that plan.


The Why

My current fitness goals are listed below. I'm doing them mostly because I think they are interesting problems to solve. Things I can't do yet, and things I hope to do sometime soon. Health is of course also important and I think that's an underlying goal to the rest (to be fit and have good conditioning).

  • Ass-to-grass full-depth squat with heels on ground (flexibility)
  • 100kg Clean & Jerk, later 100kg Snatch
  • 150kg Squat, 100kg Bench Press, 200kg Deadlift
  • (relatively long-term) Mobility to do a Squat Jerk
  • (relatively long-term) Full (middle/side) Split
  • (later) Handstand and Double-Unders (Jump Rope)


The What

This is my current weekly planning. The bodybuilding is focussed on maintaining my strength/muscles(size). HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and consists of mostly 20 minute bodyweight or kettlebell workouts. I've recently also found burpee exercises to be quite interesting and I've added a sample description of that too. Weightlifting consists of PVC-pipe exercises to remember the movements and work on flexibility. And hiking stands for a long walk with Max (and Lotte). Below the planning is also my non-quarantine planning I used to follow quite well when you could still go to the gym.

Day Fitness Flexibility Total Time
Monday Weightlifting & HIIT Ankle, Back 90 min
Tuesday Hiking(rest) Hip, Shoulders 60 min
Wednesday Weightlifting & HIIT Back, Hamstrings 90 min
Thursday Bodybuilding Ankle, Split 90 min
Friday Weightlifting & HIIT Hip, Shoulders 90 min
Saturday Hiking(rest) Back 60 min
Sunday Bodybuilding Hamstrings, Split 90 min

A full-body workout two times per week to keep the muscles stimulated.
Do a short 5 minutes warm-up (jumping jacks, light stretches, jog-in-place) before
Try and do more than noted below and/or make it more difficult (e.g. with resistance band)
Estimated time = 45 minutes

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
KB (16kg) Squats 3 20 slow and controlled down (and up), ankle mobility
Pushups 3 10 with resistance band and/or hands on yoga blocks
KB Floor Press 3 10
Bent Over KB Row 3 15 one arm, other hand on chair
KB Swing 3 15 to eye-height
KB Bicep Curls 3 8 and/or with resistance band
Chair Dips 3 12 and/or resistance band triceps
Shoulder Press 3 8 strict (no dip)
Abs 3 15 sit-ups, or other variations

Currently I'm following along with one of the videos listed below. Over time I could also find other videos, but these ones are a good basis for keeping some of the weightlifiting ideas in my mind. Alas it's al without weights/barbell, but I currently don't have access to that (or want to fall through the floor).

I have my excel for the 'normal/gym' weightlifting here.

Currently I'm following along with one of the videos listed below (recommended if you want to have an upbeat coach and a 'sweat guarantee'). These are just but a few examples and over time I can find more videos by The Body Coach or others that focus on HIIT training.

I've also found the YouTube channel of Iron Wolf. This marine is a fitness machine. His workouts (that he posts) are focused on doing burpees. The simplicity of it, and the conditioning, really attract me to it. Besides just 'normal' burpees, some of the videos extend it with other variations. Pro tip: just jog in place for longer if you get tired, start with a time in mind and continue until you've reached that time limit. Maybe crazy idea: do this every morning?

These are ideas for flexibility routines, mostly inspired by Tom Merrick (The Bodyweight Warrior). But after reading Stretching Scientifically, I've decided that I want to modify this and try and make a routine that is as effective as possible.

This sub-page of Fitness, documents my plan for stretching.

Morning (before breakfast)

Warm-up, namely:

  • Joint rotations from fingers to toes (wiggle, wiggle)
  • 20 squats
  • 20 standing cross-body toe touch
  • 20 jumping jacks

Dynamic stretches (decrease over time), namely:

  • Arm circles (4×10)
  • Arm swings front to back (4×10)
  • Leg swings, front (4×12 per side)
  • Leg swings, side (4×12 per side)
  • Leg swings, back (4×12 per side)
  • Standing bend to front (15x)
  • Sitting bend to back (15x)

Before sports

Warm-up (same as above)

Dynamic stretches (same as above)

Weightlifting specific stretches, namely:

  • Pass-through with pvc (10, lx5, rx5)
  • Cossack squat (10x l-to-r-to-l)
  • KB/barbell on knee stretch (2×10 per side)
  • ATG squats (10x, can hold onto rack)
  • Rotator cuffs (1.25kg)
  • Slow mountain climbers (10x per side)
  • Thoracic extension (1 min total)
  • Snatch progression (3x per position)

After sports (4x p/w, 5sec tension, 3sec rest, 5 reps, 30sec end, rest 1min, x3 sets)

Isometric stretches (6 per session), namely:

  • Shoulders: face down, arms forward stretched, raise thumbs up OR
  • Shoulders: face down, arms 90 degrees, raise hands
  • Inner thigh: sumo squat
  • Outer thigh: lay on back, one leg across, with band
  • Front thigh: sit on knee and foot, move hips forward OR
  • Front thigh: stand, pull foot backward (lean forwards) OR
  • Front thigh: sit on knee and foot, pull foot backward
  • Hamstring: lay on back, pull feet towards face OR
  • Hamstring: stand, foot on platform, tilt upper body forwards OR
  • Hamstrings/back: Sit and pull upper body forward
  • Calf: KB/barbell on knee stretch OR
  • Calf: bend over, grab foot, pull it towards you

Relaxed stretching (only do 4 per time), namely:

  • Calf/hamstring: sit, pull toes towards face
  • Inner thigh: lay in split position with support OR
  • Inner thigh: lotus position (not with hands)
  • Hamstrings: stand/bend/lay and pull foot towards face
  • Front thigh: stand and pull knee backwards OR
  • Front thigh: sit on knees, butt on foot, lean backward
  • Back: foam roll (1 min, 3 min relax)
  • Ankle, hip: deep squat (banded, 5 min)

Walk it off (5 minute walk)

Non-sport days (afternoon)

Warm-up (same as above)

Dynamic stretches (same as above)

Isometric stretches, longer routine:

I will follow the schedule (above) for the coming weeks with one extra factor. I will do a cycle like you do in weightlifting of doing more and more for 3 weeks, and then do a deload in the 4th week. The deload means I will do only a few reps of the exercies or fully rest from specific flexibility exercises and possibly only do a full-body activation routine in the morning (10-15 min).

I will also test some flexibility feats to keep track of how I'm progressing with them. See below what I'm tracking. I plan to test myself every first week of a cycle (so after the deload) and when warm (so testing the 'max' range).

Test Date Date Date Date Date Date Date
Ankle left x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm
Ankle right x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm
Reach floor x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm
Pancake x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm
Middle split x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm x cm

Some short explanation of the measurements:

  • Ankles: measuring how far my knee tracks over my toes
  • Reach floor: measuring hamstrings by seeing how low I can go when bending forward
  • Pancake: measuring how far I can go with pancake as degrees from 0 (sit) to 90 (flat)
  • Middle split: measuring how far my butt is from the ground

Ankles (video)

Exercise Time/Reps Sets Notes
Sit Stick Drill 120 sec 1 sit on knees, stick under butt, roll from top to bottom of calf
Heel Stretch 10 reps + 30 sec 3 (per side) stand on stairs, move knee forward (through center), hold bottom at end of set
Weighted Dorsi Flexion 3 reps (10/5 sec work/rest) + 10 reps back/forth 3 (per side) sit on knee and other knee as in squat, move knee forward, further each rep, KB on knee, use band on ankle
Goblet Squat 60/180 sec work/rest 3 squat with KB

Hamstrings (video)

Do this follow-along or the exercises below. The exercises below should be better (with more weight-elements).

Exercise Time/Reps Sets Notes
Jumping Jacks / Squats 120 sec 1 general warm-up to get started
Standing Leg Swings 15 (per side) 1 move through full range (back and forth)
Sit Stick Drill 120 sec 1 sit on knees, stick under butt, roll from top to bottom of calf
Sciatic Nerve Glide 15 (per side) 1 lay on back, extend one leg upwards
PNF Heel Stretch 4 reps (15/5 sec work/rest) 2 (per side), superset with next stand on stairs, push into front of foot, don't move heel up, relax deeper
Banded Hamstring PNF 4 reps (15/5 sec work/rest) 2 (per side), superset with previous lay on back, one leg up, band under foot, pull, contract quads &
hip flexor when relax to pull leg towards face
Jefferson Curls 10 reps + 30 sec (at end) 3 stand, roll forward with KB, use quads & hip flexors to pull forward

Middle-Splits (video, 2, 3)

Exercise Time/Reps Sets Notes
Frog Pose 30 sec (move around), 10/5 sec work/rest, 30 sec (move around) 2x2 (up and down) activation, then force knees to ground / pull knees up higher
Pissing Dog 10/5 sec work/rest 3 (per side) start on all fours, then raise one leg as high as you can to the side
(knee still bended, or straight leg toe pointing up)
Middle Split Hold 10/5 sec work/rest x2, 30 sec rest 3 tilt top of hip forwards, push/raise legs
Weighted Seated Pancake 10 reps, 30 sec hold 1-5 can sit on pillow/block with butt, KB behind neck
Side-Squat to Cossack Squat 5 reps (per side) 1-2 move from side to side, keep hip low

Hip (video)

Do this follow-along.

Back (video)


X = new exercise, Y = new rep/set
X 60 sec Y 180 sec X 60 sec Y 180 sec X 60 sec Y 180 sec X 60 sec Y 0.2 sec Y 0.2 sec Y 0.2 sec

Exercise Time/Reps Sets Notes
Roller on Back 60/180 sec work/rest 4 lay on back, roller under back, move back and forth with hands across body or above, holding KB

Shoulders (video)

Do this follow-along.


Next to the above videos, I've also been reading two books about flexiblity. Click on the links to check out my notes on the books.

This used to be my weekly planning. When I go back to the gym, I plan on following an edited version of this that I've already made below.

Day Fitness Stretch Total Time
Monday Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Short 120 min
Tuesday Rest Short 15 min
Wednesday Weightlifting Short 100 min
Thursday Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Short 120 min
Friday Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Short 120 min
Saturday Rest Short 15 min
Sunday Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Short 120 min

Back to gym version.

Day Fitness Stretch Total Time
Monday Weightlifting (power) & Bodybuilding (pull) Full body 120 min
Tuesday Rest or Burpees Ankles, Hip 30 min
Wednesday Weightlifting (technical/speed) Full body 100 min
Thursday Weightlifting (technical) & Bodybuilding (push) Full body 120 min
Friday Weightlifting (power) & Bodybuilding (pull) Full body 120 min
Saturday Rest Ankles, Hip 15 min
Sunday Weightlifting (technical/speed) & Bodybuilding (push) Full body 120 min


Mobility - range of motion, less chance of injury, more muscles, weightlifting Flexibility - do on different sessions? (separate from gym sessions) LEARN MORE via youtube and books? Pistol squats? Walking-close-to-ground-thing (Lean machines)

Weekly plan
Monday - Full body strength workout (POWER)
Tuesday - long hike/bike ride (2h)
Wednesday - Mobility (weightlifting) workout + Conditioning workout
Thursday - Full body strength workout (POWER)
Friday - Mobility (weightlifting) workout + Conditioning workout
Saturday - long hike/bike ride (2h)
Sunday - Mobility (weightlifting) workout + Conditioning workout

Stretches to do every day

Morning 15min stretch
KB squat
shoulder x4
lunge x2
KB deadlift
ankle stairs x2
KB deadlift
lunge x2
KB squat
add more later

5 times a week, 1/2 or 1 dose of: Elevate (bulk powders) pre-workout Simple collapsible

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Plus: Creatine monohydrate, 3g Plus: NAC N-Acetylcyteine

2-4 min foam rolling calf Barbell mash 20 kg bar. Denk er aan dat je zo langzaam mogelijk de barbell over je kuit rolt. Elevated banded stretch. 10-15 reps 2 sec hold. Denk er aan dat je de rubberband op de voet net onder de veter positie plaatst en dat de knie zo recht mogelijk over de voet gaat. Negative calf raises. 10 reps. Let hierbij op het naar voren drukken van je knie en het naar je toe trekken van je tenen. Ook hier de knie recht over de voet. this week 2-4 min foam rolling calf Barbell mash 15/20 kg plate. Denk er aan dat je zo langzaam mogelijk de barbell over je kuit rolt. 2 min lunge. (low dragon) Denk er aan dat je hierbij zoveel mogelijk ontspant terwijl je je lichaamsgewicht gebruikt om je knie naar voren te drukken. Negative calf raises. 10 reps. Let hierbij op het naar voren drukken van je knie en het naar je toe trekken van je tenen. Sluit af met een Squat, zodat je aan je nieuwe range off motion kan wennen. Daarnaast hebben we je voeding aangepast naar de 40:30:30 ratio. Aan jou de taak om er voor te zorgen dat je macro’s zo gelijkmatig mogelijk verdeeld blijven. last week 2-4 min foam rolling calf (r&l) 3 position calf/ankle stretch (r&l) 30-60 sec neutral , 30-60 sec external, 30-60 sec internal Ankle bounces (r&l) 50 reps (optional 50 extra reps) Direct hierna voer je een aantal sets uit van de wall facing squat. Belangrijk voor jou dat je gaat bewegen vanuit de zittende positie. 2 weeks ago Hip opener wall inc barbell: 2 min feet and keens in line heels close to hip line Hip opener floor: 2 min press hip to heel press knee out circular movements focus on though spots last 30 sec. ankle flat Daily wall facing squat: 10 reps use target (stoel/ball) 20kg plate + wall ball low tempo chest up, knees out 3 weeks ago 2x 1min ankle (move) on plate/book 2x 1 min weight/chair??? 30x squat + door hold hip opener on the ground 4 weeks ago ankle stretch 4x 1min on 10kg plate/book hip opener wall 2 min gym: ankle stretch rubber band (lunge movements) 10x2x2 keer per kant twee keer

So here are the workouts that I will be testing myself with this year. During the year, I might add some more. With a dice (or random nr generator) I will now select the first 5 challenges and add them to my calendar (to do that week). 10km run (55min) Big Three (240kg) 1km run (5min) BikeSquat (241) Baseline (5:54) 5km run (25min) Basecamp (new) 21km run (120min) A 'simple' 10km run, no breaks, as fast as possible Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress (total weight lifted for 1 rep per exercise) A really quick challenge Do the following minutes of Bike-Air squats, 1-1-2-1-3-2-1-1 (14 minutes total), count the calories (bike) and number (air squats) 500m row, 40 Air Squats, 30 Sit Ups, 20 Push Ups, and 10 Pull Ups Run for 5km 1km row, Front/Overhead Squats, 60 Sit Ups, 40 Push Ups, and 20 Pull Ups Half marathon Week 1-2: 1 Week 3-4: 7 Week 5-6: 8 Week 7-8: 4 Week 9-10: 2