Building a Strong and Durable Body

Combination of strength and longevity research things

Happy body lessons.

Weekly plan
Monday - Full body strength workout (POWER)
Tuesday - long hike/bike ride (2h)
Wednesday - Mobility (weightlifting) workout + Conditioning workout
Thursday - Full body strength workout (POWER)
Friday - Mobility (weightlifting) workout + Conditioning workout
Saturday - long hike/bike ride (2h)
Sunday - Mobility (weightlifting) workout + Conditioning workout

Home workout quarantine, POWER (make stretch, power, conditioning? too)
1 hour total
do some light stretches before, some squats, pass-throughs, jumping jacks
3x (sets)x10 (per side) one-hand ground-to-overhead 16kg kettlebell (kb)
3x20 16kg kb squats
3x12 push-ups
3x6 (per side) 16kg kb strict shoulder press
3x8 (per side) 16kg kb curls (mwah wrists/forearms)
3x12 (per side) 16kg kb standing rows (other arm on chair)
3x12 tricep dips with chair, feel out front (extended/straight)
3x10 (per side) 16kg one-hand kb swings
3x10 16kg kb stiff-legged deadlifts (one second pause at bottom)
3x20 16kg kb overhead back-step lunges
1x20 crunches
1x10 leg-abs
1x10 bicycle crunches

Morning 15min stretch
KB squat
shoulder x4
lunge x2
KB deadlift
ankle stairs x2
KB deadlift
lunge x2
KB squat
add more later

5 times a week, 1/2 or 1 dose of: Elevate (bulk powders) pre-workout Simple collapsible

The ELEVATE™ formula contains powerful ingredients, including: Vitargo® (10g), Citrulline Malate (5g), Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (4g), Beta Alanine (3.5g), Trimethylglycine (3g), Taurine (2.5g), Glucuronolactone (500mg), Tyrosine (400mg), Caffeine (200mg), ACTINOS™ (180mg), Vitamin B6 (25mg) and BioPerine® (5mg). Vitargo® 10g: The ultimate sports performance carbohydrate, specifically chosen for its low molecular weight. Citrulline Malate 5g: Citrulline Malate is an expensive ingredient; as such, a majority of formulas settle at label claim dosages. ELEVATE™ includes an impressive 5g Citrulline Malate in each and every serving. Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) 4g: AAKG can be found in almost every pre-workout. However, few pre-workouts deliver 4g per single serving. Beta Alanine 3.5g: Very few pre-workouts contain over 3g Beta Alanine, particularly alongside other highly dosed ingredients. As always BULK POWDERS® delivers the quantity as used in research. Trimethylglycine (TMG) 3g: TMG, closely related to Creatine, is rarely found in pre-workout formulas. It's even rarer to find a pre-workout formula with a full 3g dosage. Taurine 2.5g: Taurine is a popular ingredient in many commercially available energy drinks. Glucuronolactone 500mg: Glucuronolactone has rapidly gone from a nutrient nobody was familiar with to a popular inclusion in energy drinks. L-Tyrosine 400mg: Tyrosine, an amino acid, is a pre-cursor to adrenaline. Caffeine 200mg: As well as increasing alertness and improving concentration, Caffeine has been shown to reduce perceived exertion. Essentially, when training, your body is actually working harder than you think it is. Caffeine also contributes to an increase in endurance capacity and performance. ActiNOS™ 180mg: A leading 180mg of this exciting, branded ingredient derived from whey peptides is found in every serving. Vitamin B6 25mg: Vitamin B6 is also included in ELEVATE™ to contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. BioPerine® 5mg: Nature’s bioavailability enhancing thermonutrient, BioPerine® is extracted from the fruit of the Piper Nigrum L (black pepper) and is included in ELEVATE™ to increase the absorption rates of all other ingredients.
Plus: Creatine monohydrate, 3g Plus: NAC N-Acetylcyteine

2-4 min foam rolling calf Barbell mash 20 kg bar. Denk er aan dat je zo langzaam mogelijk de barbell over je kuit rolt. Elevated banded stretch. 10-15 reps 2 sec hold. Denk er aan dat je de rubberband op de voet net onder de veter positie plaatst en dat de knie zo recht mogelijk over de voet gaat. Negative calf raises. 10 reps. Let hierbij op het naar voren drukken van je knie en het naar je toe trekken van je tenen. Ook hier de knie recht over de voet. this week 2-4 min foam rolling calf Barbell mash 15/20 kg plate. Denk er aan dat je zo langzaam mogelijk de barbell over je kuit rolt. 2 min lunge. (low dragon) Denk er aan dat je hierbij zoveel mogelijk ontspant terwijl je je lichaamsgewicht gebruikt om je knie naar voren te drukken. Negative calf raises. 10 reps. Let hierbij op het naar voren drukken van je knie en het naar je toe trekken van je tenen. Sluit af met een Squat, zodat je aan je nieuwe range off motion kan wennen. Daarnaast hebben we je voeding aangepast naar de 40:30:30 ratio. Aan jou de taak om er voor te zorgen dat je macro’s zo gelijkmatig mogelijk verdeeld blijven. last week 2-4 min foam rolling calf (r&l) 3 position calf/ankle stretch (r&l) 30-60 sec neutral , 30-60 sec external, 30-60 sec internal Ankle bounces (r&l) 50 reps (optional 50 extra reps) Direct hierna voer je een aantal sets uit van de wall facing squat. Belangrijk voor jou dat je gaat bewegen vanuit de zittende positie. 2 weeks ago Hip opener wall inc barbell: 2 min feet and keens in line heels close to hip line Hip opener floor: 2 min press hip to heel press knee out circular movements focus on though spots last 30 sec. ankle flat Daily wall facing squat: 10 reps use target (stoel/ball) 20kg plate + wall ball low tempo chest up, knees out 3 weeks ago 2x 1min ankle (move) on plate/book 2x 1 min weight/chair??? 30x squat + door hold hip opener on the ground 4 weeks ago ankle stretch 4x 1min on 10kg plate/book hip opener wall 2 min gym: ankle stretch rubber band (lunge movements) 10x2x2 keer per kant twee keer

So here are the workouts that I will be testing myself with this year. During the year, I might add some more. With a dice (or random nr generator) I will now select the first 5 challenges and add them to my calendar (to do that week). 10km run (55min) Big Three (240kg) 1km run (5min) BikeSquat (241) Baseline (5:54) 5km run (25min) Basecamp (new) 21km run (120min) A 'simple' 10km run, no breaks, as fast as possible Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress (total weight lifted for 1 rep per exercise) A really quick challenge Do the following minutes of Bike-Air squats, 1-1-2-1-3-2-1-1 (14 minutes total), count the calories (bike) and number (air squats) 500m row, 40 Air Squats, 30 Sit Ups, 20 Push Ups, and 10 Pull Ups Run for 5km 1km row, Front/Overhead Squats, 60 Sit Ups, 40 Push Ups, and 20 Pull Ups Half marathon Week 1-2: 1 Week 3-4: 7 Week 5-6: 8 Week 7-8: 4 Week 9-10: 2