I liked this second book by Andy Weir quite a lot. It’s a great vacation read where the pages just flow away. Like The Martian (his debut novel), it’s full of science and interesting twists. Here is my take on the storyline.

You: smuggler on the Moon, scraping by and doing your thing (being funny and all)

Need: Money (to repay dad)

Go: join in a plot to help a business man you’re smuggling for

Search: find out how to do this (evil) plan

Find: try and execute this dastardly plan, sabotage the rover

Take: it goes wrong, and many more things go wrong, you hurt the people around you

Return: a plan is made to return the city to normal and get everything right again (they stay in this phase for quite a while)

Change: everything works out in the end, although there is not much focus on the change. Of course she is able to pay her dad and life picks up again, her character stays quite the same (fun and not caring too much)