Comment Activation Energy

Online comments are but a very small sample of readers/watches of some media.

The comments reflect the extremes, the ones who really liked or disliked something.

The insight from Cortex that I got was that some comments require more or less ‘activation energy’ to make.

This consists of two parts:

  1. How motivated is someone to comment
  2. How easy is the comment to make

“Someone has to feel 4x as intense, to leave a comment on something 2x complicated.”


From Cortex #112 at 1:17


Our brain is also dialled to focus on the negative comments. This might have been evolutionary good, but bad now.

You are reading comments in your own voice (in your head), and by that also receiving negative comments as direct critique. So read comments out loud (in a neutral voice), do downscale the personal-ness of them.