Consciousness Medicine

Written equally for counselors and for clients, Consciousness Medicine provides a therapeutic framework that author Francoise Bourzat developed combining psychotherapy with 35 years of fieldwork among the Mazatec people of Mexico, who have a long tradition of taking psychedelics as medicine. The book guides the reader through preparation, setting intentions and goals, and the different types of experience one may have in an expanded state of consciousness, as well as guidance on how a trained counselor can best support someone through these states. The book then explores the art of integration–the application of the wisdom gained from such experiences into daily life–and how a guide or therapist can support the full integration of a journey after it is over. Enhanced by Francoise’s personal stories along with accounts of clients, the book builds a powerful case for a holistic view of non-ordinary reality and concludes with a heartfelt argument that modern psychotherapy includes expanded states of consciousness in earnest.

For a new project I’m reading this book. It has some very good pointers and advice. It also provides a rather complete document for guidance. Yet my problem with it is the non-scientific lens it puts on. I don’t think we can quantify/measure/etc everything, but mentions of tarot cards and spirits just get me a little too riled up.

One thing about the last one, we people have been very bad for very long. It’s just your imagination/sub-conscious telling you something, it’s not a (where should they come from) spirit. Ok that was the rant for now.