Do Meaningful Work

Most of your productive time will be spent at your day job. A rough estimate of the hours you will spend doing this is 80.000 hours.

In my eyes, there are several ways (all good) through which your career can contribute to making the world a better place.

  1. Work directly on (global) issues (if you have the skills and motivation)
    1. At an effective organisation (job board)
    2. Start your own (Charity Entrepreneurship incubator)
  2. Find the best organisation in your field (‘the best’ of course differs depending on your goals)
  3. Change the impact of the organisation you work at (e.g. yearly fundraiser, changing supply chain)

For more specific career advise (and a good podcast too), go to 80.000

I personally always keep my eyes open as to how Queal can be more sustainable, and think that by replacing many meals that were previously meat-based, we are already having a large impact.

With Blossom, I plan to donate a percentage of revenue to mental health charities.