Eckart’s Notes

Eckart’s Notes is a Dutch book by Eckart Wintzen. He was an inspiring entrepreneur to many. His core idea was that you could run a company by having many autonomous cells. I think it could compare to an ant colony, your body, or many other bottom-up systems.

In the book, he argues for independence mixed with strict guidelines from the holding (queen bee, your cognition). This allows for independent and creative thought from the cells, with a uniform representation and way of doing things.

Some things are very strict, like what font to use and the size of plants in the office. But a cell is responsible for its own acquisition, making a profit, etc.

This system prevents many back-office processes from starting/growing. Because the cell has to do it themselves (and of course don’t want to do it, but have to).

There are many more ideas in the book and it reminded me of ReWork quite a bit.

Not everything might apply to your organisation, but I can recommend most entrepreneurs (especially with (the ambition to grow beyond) 20 people or more).