Public Commitment 2015

Dear friends, family, and interested readers,

Here they are, the goals for the year 2015! This year I’ve taken a slightly different approach, let me explain.

I’ve divided the goals into the following areas: Career, Financial, Education, Family, Artistic, Attitude, Physical, Pleasure, Public Service.

Each area can have multiple goals. The areas are sorted by priority (this year).

Next to the yearly goals, I’ve included my (brand new) 90-day action plan.

And below my goals is a short call-to-action for things I could really use your help on!


1 year
Career 1 I turn an (indirect) profit from my blogs
I have written 3 guides on leadership / goal-setting / motivation
I’m a member of 2 leadership groups
I have 2 senior mentors
I’ve built Queal to be worth 1 million euro’s
Financial 3 I have educated myself on investing
I invest 20%+ of my income
I spend <1000 on expenses
Education 2 I study leadership and related topics 9 hours per week
I have read 40+ books
I have completed 3 online courses
Family 4 I have found a life-partner
Artistic 9 I have again learned to play the saxophone
I have learned ballroom dancing
Attitude 7 I have learned about time-management, energy levels, and activity management
Physical 5 I have participated in 3 obstacle runs
I have visible abs (<15% BF)
I am in the 1000 pound club
Pleasure 6 I run a monthly philosophy dinner-club
I have discovered a new country
Public Service 8 I have donated 10% of my income
I run a fundraiser in December
I have an overview of school leadership challenges


90-day action plan
Career 1 I have published a goal-setting guide
I have gained 100 subscribers to my blog
I have started a webshop leadership group
I have 1 senior mentor
I have learned how to do marketing for Queal
Financial 2 I have a shareable investment plan
Education 3 I have read/listened to 10+ books
I study/learn every Friday
Family 4 I spend 2+ days a week with Kris
Artistic 9 I am playing the saxophone weekly
Attitude 6 I have adopted a time-management principle that is in line with goal(setting)
Physical 5 I have participated in 1 run
I have visible abs
Pleasure 8 I have started a monthly philosophy dinner-club
Public Service 7 I have found where I want to donate 10% of my income

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Of course, if you wish to help me in any other way, please do feel to contact me via email , facebook or LinkedIn!


This is the start of my 2015 journey. New blog, own company, ambitious goals – let’s go!

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself” – Rumi