Public Commitment 2016 – Q1 Update

A little over a month ago I set upon a journey of becoming a better me. Since then I’ve made the first steps toward my goals, failed to do other things and enjoyed life very much.


The two new projects I’m starting are almost ready to go. In one, we are waiting for another party to comply with our requests. In the second, we are preparing the promotional materials and have spoken to the first clients. Queal is still taking up a lot of time and from next week onwards we will probably have another FTE added. At Jerky Empire, Julian is building relationships with resellers and the websites are now both in Dutch and English. We also found out how much we could charge and the prices are now fixed.


As you might have noticed I haven’t been blogging here. With other things on my plate, I just didn’t take the time to do it. Since the beginning of this month, I read my first book on running and am very inspired. Expect some blogs (about 1 a week) here soon! In the meantime feel free to read Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek.


With all this running I’m doing (160km in January) I feel like I’m losing weight without effort. So that good :). I ran 21KM as my longest run, so just shy of the 24KM.

Active Friend

Last month I’ve been helping one friend with starting a business. He and his girlfriend have a great idea and this month they will have their new website.

Philosopher Altruist

It’s been very frustrating, but another person started a group already for Effective Altruism (EA) in Rotterdam. But this fellow is unreachable. The first meetup is tonight and I will be at the IFFR. So I’ve made a meeting with someone else that couldn’t make it. And I hope to reach this organizer to see about the date and organizing capacity. I really want to make this big and timing shouldn’t stand in the way of that.


I’m signing the papers tomorrow. Then I will officially be a homeowner. Friends if you have any questions about buying a house, let me know.


The Q1 Goals

Entrepreneur 2 I start LifePlanning & StudySuccess
I build Jerky to 10k revenue (Mar)
Student 1 I learn & blog about Sports (Jan), Nutrition (Feb), Striving (Mar)
Sportsman 4 I am under 90kg
I run 24KM (Jan), I run 29KM (Feb), I run 32KM (Mar)
Active Friend 3 I help 2+ friends with starting their (micro)businesses
Philosopher Altruist 6 I start the Rotterdam EA chapter
Clerk 5 I buy & decorate a house