Public Commitment 2016

Dear friends, family, and interested readers,

Here they are, the goals for the year 2016! This year I’ve taken a slightly different approach, let me explain.

I’ve divided the goals into the following areas: Entrepreneur, Student, Sportsman, Active Friend, Philosopher Altruist, Clerk

The change is from area’s of life to roles I take on in my life. I think this better represents the categories of my life and also allows more overlap between the categories.

Each role can have multiple goals. Some goals may fit multiple roles and are place in the one they most identify with. The areas are sorted by priority (this year).

And below my goals is a short call-to-action for things I could really use your help on!

Entrepreneur 2 I spend 80% of my time on important, non-urgent tasks
I am familiar with the full start-up skillset*
I make half a million (pre-tax)**
Student 1 I learn and blog about 11 (sub)topics*
I play saxophone twice a week
I have optimized my weekly schedule
I have read 50+ books
Sportsman 4 I run a sub 3:45 marathon
I am under 12% body fat at one point***
I finish the iron viking
I reach the 1000 pound club
I moderate my alcohol drinking & meat eating****
Active Friend 3 I have a dog
I have 3+ social events per week
I am offline&social for 1+ day a week*****
I go on vacation for 4+ weeks
Philosopher Altruist 6 I run/start the Rotterdam EA chapter
I 10x my giving impact******
I donate 10% of my income
Clerk 5 I spend less than 1200 per month*******
I plan each week, priority every day
I review every 1 & 3 months
I buy a house


If you liked this update and you would like to do some more, here are 3 ways you can help!

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2. Do you want to effectively donate some of your money? Let me know and I will update you when EA Rotterdam starts

3. Do you want to do a run together? Let me know. I normally run on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

Of course, if you wish to help me in any other way, please do feel to contact me via email, facebook or LinkedIn!
“We often underestimate our ability to reinvent ourselves.” – Shankar Vedantam, host of Hidden Brain Podcast on NPR

This is the start of my 2016 journey. Great companies, big physical goals, and fun to be had!


*These goals combine to both letting me use the time to learn (about start-ups and everything involved) and bring that learning into practice at the same time

**This is an ambitious goal, based on guesstimates, but my goal nonetheless

***I want to achieve this goal around May and probably settle a little bit higher

****For this goal I want to limit drinking alcohol to once or twice a week and eating meat to about twice a month

*****I will not be on email, do work-work etc on one day of the week, this will most probably be Saturday

******Via the Effective Altruism I want to increase the amount that is given to my pre-tax income of 2015, this can (for instance) be achieved if I convince 10 people to also pledge 10%

*******The 1200 includes: groceries, dining/drinking, clothes, mortgage/internet/phone/etc, but excludes: vacation, books, medical, big one-time expenses (e.g. moving costs)