Public Commitment 2019 – Update 2

This year my theme is Connection. Just like in the second half of 2018, I’ve been keeping up my updates on the Timeline.

I haven’t thought too much about the theme itself for the last three months. I have been thinking about what to do in the future, and in a way still want to bring together the concepts I’ve learned across a wide range of topics.

Spero is one of the projects where I want to apply this. First in writing with some AI information, some storytelling experience, and then some more to learn about marketing it.

Here is my analysis of the goals and various updates:

Goal 1: Make this website a true personal knowledge hub

This quarter I’ve improved search on the Timeline. Next to that, I’ve been cutting down a bit on listening to podcasts. I found it too much, non-just-in-time, information. Now I try and listen to more books, more music, and more time without anything blaring into my ears.

The next quarter I will hope to find some time for essays. And in some free moments, I would also like to improve the structure a small bit, but this is a very low priority.

Goal 2: Eat good meals that support my well-being 90% of the time

Food has been going very well. Together with Lotte, I’ve been eating very healthy meals. We don’t snack a lot and I keep the alcoholic drinks to 0-2 on weekdays.

I’m currently experimenting with intermittent fasting (IF), eating only between 11-19. It has been going very well and I’ve adjusted to not eating in the morning.

The trouble/difficulty is sports. I normally go to the gym in the morning, but I feel less energetic without some sugars running through my veins. So I’m testing to find out the best time to do sports. One good time (that I’m testing now) could be 12-14.

Next to that, I would like to know some more about the effects of some foods and have more structure/standard meals per week.

Goal 3: Keep on improving my house

The last quarter we’ve done quite some improvements (and bringing two households together). And I’ve made a bar for the balcony. There is a leak somewhere in the bathroom/pipes, so that is something the installer will look at this Friday.

But next to that, I have no immediate plans to do something for the house. I will maybe take the lead in double-glass (at the front), but we will see about that in a bit.

Goal 4: Achieve my fitness goals

The last few weeks I’ve been cutting down on calories and it’s going pretty well. I will see how long I can hold this pattern, and then move to a 13-week strength cycle (with enough food to help the muscles grow).

My maximum for the Snatch is now at about 50kg, but my max of 6 reps (x4 sets) is at around 40kg, so that is of course way too close. I will try and see which things I can focus on to become better under pressure/weight.

Goal 5: Write Spero

In contrast to the last quarter, I’ve written quite some parts of Spero and will continue to do so for the next quarter. My goal is to have a first draft finished by then, and to maybe also have some friends critique it by then.

That is it for now. Next quarter I hope to share some good updates again.