Public Commitment 2020 – Update 2

This year my theme is Upgrade. The goal is to use the things I already know, and apply/improve/renew it to build more new things.

Besides the goals listed below, the biggest thing I’ve done is to start a Zettelkasten. This is a method of making (atomic) notes that are heavily interlinked. The program I’m using for this is Obsidian.

The main feature is the idea that you can link, well, ideas, between different topics. So instead of containing everything to one book review (where I already did some linking to other concepts too), its main function is interlinking.

Another tool I might use is Anki, which is a flashcard program. I think this is for slightly different knowledge, things you want to remember (separately). So individual concepts, but also facts (e.g. when Rome was built, or when someone’s birthday was).

The division of different types of knowledge (notation) would then be as follows:

  • Notion: keeping track of work projects and ideas
  • Google Calendar/Notion: weekly planning
  • Notebook/Notion: daily planning
  • Toggl: keeping track of time
  • Todoist: (semi) daily checklists
  • Checklists: cataloging daily and irregular checklists (e.g. pre-vacation)
    • now in a single file, could also be on this website
  • Obsidian: connected ideas
    • add to it daily, also review random note daily
  • Anki: remember ideas/things
    • add to it daily, review daily
  • This website: book summaries, notes from media, bigger essays

For instance, reading a book would mean the following:

  • Keeping tracking of my time in Toggl
  • Checkmark in Todoist every day (gentle reminder to read)
  • Checklist: one for what to do after finishing a book
  • During reading make notes in Obsidian if I have new insights (5-20 per book I think, less over time as some are already in the system by then)
  • Make a short summary on this website
  • And possibly put some more factoid knowledge pieces in Anki

Alright, that was a lot about how I keep track of things. Over the next few months I think the system will keep evolving and I hope to settle on something that helps me stay productive, focussed, and fulfilled.

Now onto the goals.

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

Still on hold, maybe something to do during a small ‘vacation’.

Goal 2: Improve this website

Already done in the first quarter. I do plan to add a dark mode, for which I have made the basics, but need to further finetune it.

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

Not yet, but have planned a fun day for Lotte’s birthday.

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

After the first two, I haven’t really progressed much. I started with music production but found I didn’t like it at this time. Then I worked on my stretching routine and have added a lot to the fitness page, but still need to write up one article about stretching itself.

I plan to do that this week.

The next one after that is probably plant-based or Effective Altruism.

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

You can check out the progress/projects under this venture at Blossom Act.

The last three months have still been an exploration. But things are starting to become more clear. I haven’t made any revenue, but see a way forward towards that soon.

With COVID, the in-person practice hasn’t started, but let’s see if this quarter (especially with not going on vacation), that could be done sooner than later.

Alright, that brings this update to an end. I’m still really satisfied with how life is going. And really happy that I can spend my time as I please. Things with Queal are still going well and this quarter we will celebrate its 6th birthday.