Stillness Is the Key

Stillness Is the Key by Ryan Holiday is already the third book I’ve read by him. The others were ‘The Obstacle Is the Way‘ and ‘Perennial Seller‘.

Holiday’s influences range from the ancient Stoics to Buddhists, to presidents of past ages and coaches of today.

The chapters consist of short lessons around the mind, body, and soul. Each has some connection to stillness. Inner calm is what he argues for, and does so with success most of the time.

I couldn’t agree with everything, finding a higher purpose is something that still doesn’t sit right with me. I can understand it at some level, and he even goes as far as saying you don’t need religion for it. Yet, I also think that you don’t need/there is no overarching purpose/reason for things.

Some of the topics/chapters are:

  • Become Present
  • Limit Your Inputs
  • Start Journaling
  • Seek Wisdom
  • Choose Virtue
  • Beware Desire
  • Bathe in Beauty
  • Enter Relationships
  • Say No
  • Build a Routine
  • Seek Solitude
  • Go to Sleep
  • Find a Hobby