The Power of Self-Discipline

Brian Tracy is the master of self-help. With about 100 books to his name, a large training corporation and some other ventures, he has built quite the empire. In The Power of Self-Discipline, he embarks on teaching valuable lessons about motivation, the power of routine and time-management.

Yes, many of the lessons are quite straightforward, but so are the management principles by Peter Drucker. What sets Brian Tracy apart from other experts is his many years of experience and focus on (audio)books. He isn’t trying to sell you training but wishes to give you complete information in one go.

This in no way means that it’s perfect. As with many other self-help books you are expected to take the lessons about time-management and learn how to apply them yourself. Still, the lessons are inspirational and very interesting. If you have some time left on you commute or want to get some extra motivation whilst working out, give it a try!