Public Commitment 2015 – Q4

In the coming three months I will focus my attention on the goals listed below. These are slightly different from the yearly goals I made 9 months ago. What differs most is the change is categories. Since the last update, the ‘fun’ category has been replaced by ‘spiritual’. Of course, I will also have fun, I hope a lot, but that is less easy to define in a goal-oriented way.

As always I can use your help:

  1. Do you know of a programme for (public) speaking (preferably in English) that you want to share, or do you want to teach me specific skills?
  2. Have you done some (informal) investing yourself and would like to share the lessons with me?
  3. Are you a friend of mine and have nothing to do for lunch or dinner?

Call me.

Career 2 Queal is worth €1 million
Goal-setting is in Beta and we have a plan-of-attack
I have launched 3 side projects
I spend 80% of my time on important & non-urgent tasks
Personal Development 1 I learn for 2 hours per day
I spread my knowledge for 1 hour per day
I have 2 senior mentors and 2 peer coaches
I have improved my speaking skills
I know the basics of tango dancing
I play the saxophone better than ever before
I can play basic songs on the piano
Finances 4 I have an investment plan
I have the perfect company/tax structure
I spend <1000 per month
Health 3 I have a basic understanding of human longevity and what it implies for me
I have visible abs
I have participated in two obstacle runs
I am in the 1000 pound club
Relationships 6 I meet with friends at least 2 times a week
Spiritual 5 I have discovered which Global Goal fits the best with me
I have learned more about Stoicism/philosophy of life
I donate 10% of my income
I run a fundraiser in December
I meditate 3x30min per week