Public Commitment 2016 – Q1

Based on my goals for 2016 I’ve made the following goals for the next 3 months (Q1).

These goals are more concrete and the continuing goals (i.e. habits) are not listed.

If you want to join in for any of the goals, please let me know via email, facebook or LinkedIn!

Entrepreneur 2 I start LifePlanning & StudySuccess
I build Jerky to 10k revenue (Mar)
Student 1 I learn & blog about Sports (Jan), Nutrition (Feb), Striving (Mar)
Sportsman 4 I am under 90kg
I run 24KM (Jan), I run 29KM (Feb), I run 32KM (Mar)
Active Friend 3 I help 2+ friends with starting their (micro)businesses
Philosopher Altruist 6 I start the Rotterdam EA chapter
Clerk 5 I buy & decorate a house