Public Commitment 2020 – Update 3

This year my theme is Upgrade. The goal is to use the things I already know, and apply/improve/renew it to build more new things.

That is definitely happening, with me using knowledge about everything from webshops to psychology to make the new projects happen. Also with regards to fitness, I feel that this year has been really good.

It’s already the fourth quarter of this year, how time flies by. Here is an update on the goals I have for this year and how I’m working on them.

Personally, I’m keeping track of the monthly goals in an OKR file on Notion (see the last update to learn about all the systems).

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

No bueno. I still want to write, but this is not a priority for me now. Especially as I’m already writing a lot for Blossom (see goal 5) these days.

Goal 2: Improve this website

Most has been done. Still have to work on the dark mode to make that cooler (and have that adjust based on time of day).

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

We had a fun day on Lotte’s birthday, but I haven’t done a full day (or something like that) in which we were together. I do have an idea for sometime in the future.

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

This was going better at the start of the year. I’ve found that now with high motivation for ‘work’, that I don’t spend too much time writing here. I still need to finish the one about Effective Altruism, and then choose which one to do. It was good that I chose 6 as a goal and will have enough to think (and write) about next year.

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

You can check out the progress/projects under this venture at Blossom Act.

It’s been going really well with developing it. On the money-side of things I’m still in the very early days and hope to get some balls rolling soon.