Stretching Plan

This sub-page of Fitness, documents my plan for stretching.

Morning (before breakfast)

Warm-up, namely:

  • Joint rotations from fingers to toes (wiggle, wiggle)
  • 20 squats
  • 20 standing cross-body toe touch
  • 20 jumping jacks

Dynamic stretches (decrease over time), namely:

  • Arm circles (4×10)
  • Arm swings front to back (4×10)
  • Leg swings, front (4×12 per side)
  • Leg swings, side (4×12 per side)
  • Leg swings, back (4×12 per side)
  • Standing bend to front (15x)
  • Sitting bend to back (15x)

Before sports

Warm-up (same as above)

Dynamic stretches (same as above)

Weightlifting specific stretches, namely:

  • Pass-through with pvc (10, lx5, rx5)
  • Cossack squat (10x l-to-r-to-l)
  • KB/barbell on knee stretch (2×10 per side)
  • ATG squats (10x, can hold onto rack)
  • Rotator cuffs (1.25kg)
  • Slow mountain climbers (10x per side)
  • Thoracic extension (1 min total)
  • Snatch progression (3x per position)

After sports (4x p/w, 5sec tension, 3sec rest, 5 reps, 30sec end, rest 1min, x3 sets)

Isometric stretches (6 per session), namely:

  • Shoulders: face down, arms forward stretched, raise thumbs up OR
  • Shoulders: face down, arms 90 degrees, raise hands
  • Inner thigh: sumo squat
  • Outer thigh: lay on back, one leg across, with band
  • Front thigh: sit on knee and foot, move hips forward OR
  • Front thigh: stand, pull foot backward (lean forwards) OR
  • Front thigh: sit on knee and foot, pull foot backward
  • Hamstring: lay on back, pull feet towards face OR
  • Hamstring: stand, foot on platform, tilt upper body forwards OR
  • Hamstrings/back: Sit and pull upper body forward
  • Calf: KB/barbell on knee stretch OR
  • Calf: bend over, grab foot, pull it towards you

Relaxed stretching (only do 4 per time), namely:

  • Calf/hamstring: sit, pull toes towards face
  • Inner thigh: lay in split position with support OR
  • Inner thigh: lotus position (not with hands)
  • Hamstrings: stand/bend/lay and pull foot towards face
  • Front thigh: stand and pull knee backwards OR
  • Front thigh: sit on knees, butt on foot, lean backward
  • Back: foam roll (1 min, 3 min relax)
  • Ankle, hip: deep squat (banded, 5 min)

Walk it off (5 minute walk)

Non-sport days (afternoon)

Warm-up (same as above)

Dynamic stretches (same as above)

Isometric stretches, longer routine: