Public Commitment 2019 – Recap

This year my theme was Connection. To follow along with what I’ve been reading, learning, listening, see the Timeline.


Just like last year, marketing hasn’t been our strong suit. So, we’ve decided to stop doing ‘new’ marketing. We are now focussing more on our current customers and ‘just’ making great products.

So far, this had been going quite well and we plan to keep humming along this path. /marketing And the new bars are really good! /marketing

I’ve also started with a new project I hope to launch at the beginning of January.


In 2020 I’ve read 60 books. If I look back on which one was most influential, I would stick with one from 2019 and that is Triggers. I was keeping track about every second day (Did I do my best to… (habits)). But after a conversation with a friend, I track it every day now (with the help of a simple google form).

I also really enjoyed The Beginning of Infinity and The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsch.

For fiction, I would go with Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky as a very interesting sci-fi book with good science.

With sports, I’ve learned quite a bit about weightlifting and did online coaching for a month. Now I will focus on the lessons learned there, and do coaching again in a few months.


Another great year. Lotte and I are now living together and that has been going swell. Lots of time for friends, boardgames, some parties, and relaxation.

Next year I would like to see some old friends some more, but I wouldn’t say I want to change much about my personal life at this moment.

The Goals

So without spending too much time recapping, let’s take a look at the individual goals I set for myself, and what I made of it (and what I plan to do with it the coming year).

Goal 1: Make this website a true personal knowledge hub

The timeline is going well. Still, no time for essays, although I did make a draft for eating plant-based. And I plan to add a better overview of the book reviews soon.

Goal 2: Eat good meals that support my well-being 90% of the time

Still going well. For next year I want to focus on fine-tuning this. Maybe making some more vegan spreads for on bread and things like that. Normally I do eat 2 Queal meals during the weekday. Maybe I will experiment with replacing one with more ‘fresh’ foods.

Goal 3: Keep on improving my house

The hallway was upgraded (painting on the wall).

Double-glass is requested, but the company that would do it has not responded, so I need to call them again.

Goal 4: Achieve my fitness goals

I’ve made the 90kg Clean, alas I’m now having some pains with the Jerk. My highest Snatch is 62,5kg, but I think I might even be able to do more at this moment (did 60kg in normal training day).

Goal 5: Write Spero

Done, so now onto new stories.

To Conclude

Another great year, heck even a great decade. I can’t wait for the next year and what new things it will bring.