Brave New Children.

Come and meet Joanna and Winston, the proud parents of Lex. Reason alongside them about the moral, ethical, and practical sides of having a genetically engineered baby. Introspect about what you would do in their situation, you might have to ask yourself these questions sooner than later. Speculate about this brave new world, how will the children of this new age fare? Ponder about the societal impact, inequality, and democratization of access. Reset your intuitions and get a feel for what the future will bring.

This book (novalette) is another project in which I plan to combine several interests. It's about technological progress, about the possibilities that it promises. Yet at the same time a cautionary note about unintended consequences. I'm also using it as an exploration of having kids, and some of the reasons behind this choice. And finally to ask a broader question about technology and it's impact on (in)equality.

Nova is the second novella/novelette I'm writing. It wasn't part of my previous goals, but I've found the writing process so interesting that I'm picking up the (digital) pen again. I hope to have a version 0.1 done between the end of Q1 and Q2 2020.

Nova v0.1 - TBD

Q1-Q2 2020